Sunday, September 28, 2008

Portlet Factory Java Expressions

I found something in Portlet Factory that I have wondered about for a few months now. When you pick an item from the Java category of the reference/value picker there are some useful values for the java expressions. USERID is one I use all the time. I have been typing the ${Java/Boolean.TRUE} reference quite a few times lately, and I really wanted to add it and others to the list.

In order to add to the list you need to add items to the WebContent/WEB-INF/config/IndirectJavaExpressions.config file. It is a properties file format, and therefore pretty easy to figure out.

Here is what I added:
  • TRUE=Boolean.TRUE
  • FALSE=Boolean.FALSE
  • NULL=null

I use those almost every time I use the tool. I am sure I will figure out more as I go. Now I just need to remember to take .cvsignore away for that file.

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