Sunday, August 3, 2008

At least 150 miles to go

It looks like I am running out of time to train for my first century ride next weekend. I will be riding 105 miles on Saturday, August 9th and at least 45 miles on Sunday.

It has all lead up to this. Over 500 miles in July and August, almost bi-weekly spin classes, as many long rides as I could fit in and a 3/4 mile 12.5% grade climb the end of July. All I can do at this point is hope I am ready.

I will be riding as a member of Sylvia's Dream Team, and we hope to have 14 people riding this year. Not a bad growth rate from Mike, Dwight and Me last year!

My goal is to raise $1000 and ride at least 150 miles. That works out to about $6.67 a mile.

I would love your support, both financial and your thoughts! Visit my participant center to track how I am doing

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